Saturday, March 11, 2017


You’d think that since we’ve been here over 9 years, I’d have figured things out – but this is not the case. I am certain that the longer I’m here, the more I realize how much moreI have to learn – about culture, about people, about loving Jesus. 

A few months ago we went up the mountain beyond where we have gone before – with the purpose of knowing the town and meeting with the pastor. Besides the nice tour of the church that was in progress of being built, hanging out with the pastors family for awhile, and seeing the town, the pastor took us to the local swim spot – a beautiful little water fall – cold and fresh. He patiently walked us up around the logs and up to where we could touch the water.

During this time with the pastor, we were talking about how the churches farther up the road met together with them for evening church services. (did I mention that this is the last community before there is no road and it’s only trail).  At this point, I asked the pastor how those other congregations meet with them seeing as there is no road. His simple response: we walk.  Duh! Of course they walk! Walking is not an uncomfortable, inconvenience – it’s a way of life! 

Last month, I was leaving for my morning jog, and slowed on our road to greet a young mom (15 yrs old?) who was carrying a bundle of blankets with a sweet babe inside. She had walked from the tip of the mountain to get to the clinic. This was 6am. We have many patients that will walk (sick and carrying a baby) for 3 to 4 hours to come to the clinic. That's their only option. I was so humbled that I was going out for a morning jog – reminded that exercise is a blessing that not everyone has the benefit of enjoying – they do it as a necessity. I do it so I can eat more chocolate. ;)

God continues to show us and guide us as we seek to live intentionally and understand people deeply – the where, the why, and the how. The more we understand people, the better we can love.

This beautiful place is a 4 hour hike from the road to a mountain top of 6 homes
where our teams have installed filters. They were shocked that we were
willing to do the hike. 
Walking through the mountain

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Anonymous said...

I'm always so amazed at all you do for the Lord, the people of Honduras, and those involved with EL Ayudante. The people in Lo de REina, the surrounding communities, and up the mountain also astound me. God is so good!