Where we serve

After being in Honduras almost 7 years now, we still are 100% sure that God has us right where He wants us. Tristan & I are the co-directors of El Ayudante Honduras. 

Where We Serve: 

El Ayudante (“The Helper”) serves the poor, agricultural communities surrounding Lo De Reina, Honduras, outside the city of Comayagua. Nearly 15,000 Hondurans in this central region of the country live on less than $3.00 a day. El Ayudante (EA) seeks to better their lives through humanitarian, educational, and spiritual solutions in the context of Jesus’ love for them.

Our projects include our medical/dental clinic, home and latrine construction, bio-sand water filter installation/maintenance, children’s programs, Bible teaching, and more. In 2013 El Ayudante hosted 14 mission teams with 177 members serving in our area. We work with local leaders and the local church to build relationships and empower communities to help themselves.

Our Story:
Ten years ago, the local leaders of Lo De Reina had a dream of transforming their community, and their children’s future. Twelve families banded together and donated land for a clinic and community center. Since then, dedicated & passionate leaders formed Honduran and American non-profits to provide leadership and financial accountability. Board members, workers, and ministry teams contributed time and finances to build buildings and build relationships.
Now our campus consists of a large mission house for teams, two staff houses, a soccer field, and a 4,500 square-foot medical/dental clinic. Our dental clinic opened in May of 2013 and has seen over 1,100 patients with hundreds more waiting to receive dental care. Relationships, respect, and trust have been established throughout our region by helping meet community needs and training local leaders to be a vital part of El Ayudante. In all we do, we believe in equipping local leaders to invest in their own community; our goal is not just to “provide fish” but to “teach them how to fish.”

Our Staff:
Our current staff at El Ayudante is a partnership of North American volunteers with paid and volunteer Honduran staff. All are committed Christians putting their faith into action. Our directors, Tristan and Elizabeth Mohagen, came to El Ayudante 6 years ago. Since then, three other American families have joined them, all of whom raise their own financial support and contribute to the work at EA. Teams from the USA come throughout the year to help sustain and expand the work. Whenever possible, we employ local Honduran labor and staff, providing jobs to the unemployed.

Our Ministry Priorities:
·    A vibrant medical and dental clinic, fully operarational on a daily basis.
·    Community Transformation Committees to form an action plan to meet the needs, and accomplish the dreams, of their community.
·    Short-term teams energizing and advancing our long-term ministry.
·    Continuing our bio-sand water filter program, providing years of clean drinking water for families. (Over 300 filters have been installed and maintained with approximately 150 more to be installed this year.)
·    Providing programs, supplies, and support to local elementary schools.
·    Overall community health improvement through our clinic, education, home construction, installing latrines, pouring cement floors, and installing water storage.

Our Vision for 2014:   
1.     Care for our Staff:  El Ayudante’s campus is lacking sufficient housing and infrastructure to keep our staff safe and equipped for ministry. Therefore, we plan to build 2 staff homes and 3 apartments, dig an additional well, and finish our perimeter wall for safety. These are essential elements needed to support our incredible staff who make our ministry here possible.
2.     Open the Clinic: In July of 2014, Clinica El Ayudante will open the doors of it’s medical clinic. We have been working towards this goal for over eight years. Our clinic will serve over 15,000 people in our area who don’t have adequate medical care. Lives will be saved, people will be healed. This is  a huge blessing for thousands of Honduran families!
3.    Transform Communities: As we work alongside the leaders in our community, and use the energy of short term teams, we are focusing on areas of long term change – basic sanitation, water, education, health care, and through all of that, personal relationships with Jesus Christ. This action plan will change lives for generations to come! 

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